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HiTech Auto & Truck Repairs is a family-owned-and-operated auto repair shop that has been in business for 16 years. We proudly serve the Bay Area and support our communities. Our technicians strive to provide only the best to our customers: excellent customer service, top-quality product, competitive prices, and reliable work. We are honest and stand behind our work 100%. Our word-of-mouth advertising is the very successful marketing technique that we use. 

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Earned Customer Loyalty
Denise - 02/08/2011 - Yahoo Review
Overall :

Excellent work, Reliable, and Honest - they have earned my customer loyalty!

Very Pleased Customer
Wanda F. - 03/25/2011 - Yelp Review
Overall :

Very pleased with the customer service I rec'd.  Excellent work and good rates. Highly recommend this place for smog checks, minor and major work.

Trusted Mechanic
Murad K. - 12/07/2010 - Yelp Review
Overall :

My car happened to break down outside his store as he was opening up. He assessed the problem, gave me a fair quote, and delivered as promised.

He has earned my future business because even though he ended up putting 2 more hours of labor into the job, he stood by his original labor quote.

Andrew is a man I can trust to do the right thing, and unfortunately, that's something I see less and less of these days.

Good Mechanic and Honest
Willy - 11/21/2010 - Yahoo Review
Overall :

This guy is a good mechanic and honest. I will be bringing most of my vehicle to him. I will also recommend himto my friends.

They Rock!
Stephanie K. - 11/01/2010
Overall :

found Andrew via my boss, who has been taking his trucks to Hitech for years.

Best service, very  knowledgeable, and when I have gotten my car back, and looked under the hood, there were  a lot of free things that Andrew did without ever saying a word.  THEY ROCK!!!!

Outstanding Customer Service
Marie M. - 10/25/2010
Overall :

Andrew was highly recommended by 2 different acquaintances who have been going to his shop for years.
The customer service is outstanding, the repair was fast and accurate without breaking my wallet. I found my new favorite mechanic!
Thank you guys!

Will Never Go Back to Dealer
David C. - 10/19/2010 - Yelp Review
Overall :

We have all been unsatisfied finding a good automobile repair shop and I used a dealer for far too long.  I had heard good things about Andrew's Hi-Tech shop in Hayward, near my work, and I finally decided to give him a shot.  

Boy was I happy.  He did a thorough analysis of my vehicle and explained what needed serv icing and what could wait, unlike the dealer who just wants to replace everything to increase their take, regardless of whether it really needs replacing.  He was honest.  

What was really nice is that he pulled out a small dent in my fender and didn't even charge me for that.  I'll never go back to the dealer now.

Extremely Knowledgeable
Alex S.
Overall :

It was the best experience ever for me in a shop.  Andrew is extremely knowledgeable and takes the time to explain everything in great detail and give advice about what he thinks should be done now and what can wait.  Definitely recommend to anyone.

Fair and considerable, also nice and kind
Amparo S. - 08/05/2010
Overall :

They always think about people's necessities and they they are very fair and considerable people. They are nice and kind people.Thank You.

EXCELLENT Service and Save $$
Emily T. - 06/05/2010
Overall :

Excellent Service and $avings!
Hitech Auto has always been my choice after comparison shopping with VW Dealer and Pennisula shops.  I don't mind driving across the SM bridge to get EXCELLENT service and save $$.

Customer for 7 years
Jacob - 04/29/2010 - Yahoo Review
Overall :

I have taken every car that I have own over the past 7 years to this place. I have also recommended at least 10 people and every single person that has gone over there is totally satisfied with the service. Andrew is very honest and thorough. He is a Master ACE Mechanic. His shop is very organized and clean. I simply do not hessitate to recommend this place. If you are within an hour of Hayward, do not go to another mechanic.


The Price Is Right
Mary U.
Overall :

Andrew and his crew always deliver speedy, efficient and quality service at an honest price.  I was referred to Andrew by my brother and now I won't go anywhere else!

HiTech Auto is the Best
admin - 08/20/2008 - Yahoo Review
Overall :

I must agree: Hi-Tech auto is the best. They are reliable, honest, and do a good job with my car. All of this, and sincerely friendly service.

Best Shop in Town 
Laura M. - 08/07/2008 - Yahoo Review
Overall :

I was only in town a few days and found this place online.  I am so happy I did, this is the best place I have ever taken my car.  Andrew is a star in my book, he took the time to explain everything to me and show me the parts.  I will tell everyone what great work and servive I received here.  They have my business for life.

Entrusting HiTech Auto
Dacia M.
Overall :

I am very particular when it comes to choosing a mechanic... I actually "interviewed" several before entrusting HiTech Auto with my "baby." Why?  After visiting their shop and speaking with Andrew it was an easy decision. Immediately I was aware of how clean and organized their place was. I was very upfront with Andrew about my desire to find a place that was willing and able to tolerate my questions and input as I am very involved with decisions regarding repairs and my different options. Andrew was the first and only professional to show a genuine appreciation for my concerns and conveyed his confidence to me that I came to the right place.  My instincts told me I found an honest, professional shop and this has been further validated through their work. I even received a follow-up, courtesy call just to make sure all is well after my recent repair!  Thanks Andrew and team!

Customer For 5+ Years
By a Yahoo! Local user
Overall :

I use to be a Mechanic with 4 of 8 ASE Certifications. Due to an injury, I have not worked as a Mechanic since 1995. When I was in another line of work about a mile away, I took my car, other family members and fellow employee's cars to Andrew. Honest, friendly, knowledge with experience and a CLEAN shop cannot beat those combinations. The cleanliness is reflective also of the care taken in the repairs. A 9 out of 10 (no one is perfect but they try). Most shops I would give an overall rating of 5 to 7. Andrew saved me $100.00 the other day because he told me I could do the work myself after he found the problem for me. Brought my parents Mercedes E420 in for oil change, major tune-up and was expecting to pay several hundred dollars but Andrew said the rough idle was because it needed to be put on the freeway more often (obviously not in one of my 4 areas of specialty). This is after doing a little checking for me. They have not had the problem after taking his advice. Honest and will only do work that is necessary. Other shops send their hard cases to him. Although I no longer work in the area I still take my car from Danville to Hi-Tech in Hayward for repairs.

Finally a reliable mechanic!
By phoenixgoa - See phoenixgoa's reviews
Overall :

The guys at hi-tech are not only knowledgable, but very friendly and accomadating... The pricing is low, especially compared to the stellar service you will recieve... What really has me sold is that fact that when they're talking to me they don't assume i know nothing about cars (i'm female) and they talk to me with the same respect they would to a guy... overall great service! that's why i drive all the way to hayward from mountain view :)

Loyal Customer
Tom F.
Overall :

We have total 6 family cars including old 1974 Mazda RX-4 rotaly coupe and 2001 Lexus LS430 models. Hitech service engineers take care all kinf of cars regular service as well as very difficult service to provides excellent service make us worried free to drive any of our cars. Quick on time service and resonable price with honesty are Hitech workmanship. I can recomending any car trouble service to Hitech.

Extremely Pleased!
Kay M.
Overall :

Andrew - I was extremely pleased with the professional service, the personal attention and your team's committment to excellence. Thank you so much!

New Satisfied Customer
Amy G.
Overall :

i was reffered to andrew by a friend which had a previous service by him. i was told that he was really thorough and i was not disappointed. i was happy the way he serviced my car. excellent job and knowledgeable. he kept me inform when it is necessary. i will definitely refer his shop.

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